Our Commitment is to;

UNIFY   our diverse, multidisciplinary community and initiate dialogue that facilitates the integration of the latest research, education, and evidence-based modalities of treatment, into a consolidated understanding of best practices for those seeking our services.

CLAIRIFY   and protect the professional identity of psychotherapist by establishing appropriate standards of education, qualifications, and testing, thus identifying those best equipped to provide psychotherapeutic services.

STANDARDIZE   the education and training of psychotherapist through high quality, convenient, and cost-effective post graduate education and identify the organizations committed to raising the standard of education, training, and skill development, while integrating the latest research and best modalities of treatment.

DIFFERENTIATE   the specialties of expertise among those committed to excellence, efficacy, and ethics in psychotherapy and mental health treatment.

REWARD and acknowledge those who pursue excellence through education and training, as well as those who have made significant contributions to the field of psychotherapy and mental health treatment.

SUPPORT and encourage, those clinicians committed to personal and professional growth by providing measures to assess strengths or weaknesses, and facilitate choices of course work needed to enhance development .