Areas of Study Approved for Board Certification in Psychotherapy

(Concluding your 50 hours of CEU’s you will be tested for general knowledge over these areas)



Modalities of Psychotherapy         Psychophysiology                    Neuroscience

Addiction and Substance Abuse         Trauma / PTSD                 Psychopharmacology

Mindfulness                               Psychodrama                 Integrative Behavioral Health

Clinical Hypnosis                 Biofeedback / Neurofeedback         Mind/Body Issues

Couples and Family          Diagnosis and Assessment                 Affective Disorders

Attachment                            Multicultural Diversity                     Gender Issues

Therapeutic Efficacy               Telemental Health                                Ethics

Sexual Intimacy                Motivational Interviewing                     Grief and Loss

Sexual Addiction                    Spirituality and Healing                     Memory

Neurocognitive Issues                    Dreams                                        Infidelity

Eating Disorders                        Shame Recovery                            Coaching

Divorce                                         Autism Spectrum                                        Self Care


Credits for American Board of Psychotherapy may be received from approved courses offered by The American College of Psychotherapy, Faculty, or those organizations credentialed as Approved Providers.

Core Credits as well as Specialty Credits may be acquired through Conferences, Workshops, Training, Online Courses, other Certifications by Faculty and Approved Providers, and a Suggested Reading List of books by those authors listed as Faculty of the American College of Psychotherapy.