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  • Become American Board Certified in Psychotherapy
  • Get Additional Certifications with your CEU’s by the Authors and the Experts
  • Enjoy a beautiful Certificate to attest to your achievement and competence
  • Be acknowledged for the training and expertise you have acquired
  • Increase patient confidence and professional regard


Shape your professional future

  • Are you tired of all the time and money you invest, still being on a CEU treadmill that results in no additional Certification, Credentialing, or Acknowledgement?
  • Would you like to define and clarify your professional identity?
  • Do you find it difficult to distinguish yourself from others in your profession?
  • Have you longed to clarify and identify your area of interest, expertise, or specialty?
  • Have you ever wanted to design your professional future?


The American Board of Psychotherapy has defined “Steps to Significance in Psychotherapy”. We are here to help you breathe new life and enthusiasm into your career and acknowledge those who achieve and excel in your career as psychotherapist. Register now and begin acquiring CEUs.


our diverse, multidisciplinary community



and protect the professional identity of psychotherapist


the education and training of those identified as psychotherapists


those committed to excellence, efficacy, and ethics as psychotherapist


those who pursue excellence through education and training



encourage, those clinicians committed to personal and professional growth

  • Let your CEU’s qualify you for American Board Certification
    Through the American College of Psychotherapy, the same CEU’s you use for licensure renewal can also be used for American Board Certification in Psychotherapy. This doubles the value of your CEU dollars and makes cost effective to go to the EXPERTS.
  • Define and Protect the integrity of your Professional Identity
    Resolve the ambiguity and confusion about who is qualified to regard themselves as psychotherapist. Help standardize a training and educational model that culminates in a verification of expertise.
  • Be recognized for your accomplishment in personal and professional growth
    Commit to the process of professional development and the wisdom of self-care, that protects both patient and clinician. Build in a method of professional assessment to determine your strengths and weaknesses for professional development and establish methods of routine maintenance for self-care.
  • Receive the professional regard for competence in your field
    Establish an awareness with other professionals of your unique skill in integrating a multidisciplinary approach to patient care and the relavence of psychotherapy to their treatment plan. Now you can communicate and evoke confidence in your level of expertise and training.
  • Beautiful Certificate for your office to acknowledge your level of achievement
    Enjoy having evidence of your expertise displayed with a beautiful certificate attesting to your skill and competence as a psychotherapist.
  • Include our Seal and Certification on your cards and letterhead
    Communicate you level of competence with a glance by using our seal and credentials (ABCP) on websites, office signs, letterheads, and business cards.
  • Communicate your commitment to the Art and Science of Psychotherapy
    By the American Board Certification in Psychotherapy you verify your commitment to the stay abreast of the latest research, pertinent , integrative approaches to patient care, and the latest evidence-based modalities of treatment. Your achievement also conveys your understanding and integration of these with the rich heritage and tradition of Psychotherapy.
  • Define your area of Specialty
    As you complete different levels of achievement (from Fellow to Diplomate), you have the opportunity to focus on, and define, an area in which you can choose to regard as a “Specialty”. This helps patients and other professionals differentiate the extent of your training and focus, allowing others to know when to choose you and why to refer others to you.

Levels of Distinction

CEU hours must be from those certified by the American College of Psychotherapy Special consideration will be available for those who are disabled or disadvantaged due to distance and lack of availability due to locale. Membership in the American College of Psychotherapy is required: Testing is required for “Board Certification” and for “Specialist” while maintaining membership in the American College of Psychotherapy. Recertification every seven years required by update testing over identified course material.



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