Become a Specialist

It is a given that you will continue to accrue CEU hours through-out your career.   If you would like to tailor your professional growth in a specific area, expand your scope of practice, or meet emerging needs in a defined area of interest, we give you the opportunity. You can use those CEU’s to develop your expertise and professional identity in a different area and thus design or create a different professional experience.

Having completed the core curriculum and becoming a Board Certified Psychotherapist ( 50 hours and test ) you can then pursue the distinction of Fellow and Diplomate  before achieving a “Specialist” designating a particular area of expertise with more intensive training.

The Value

The value of these certifications is that you will develop skill and expertise in delivering services and be immediately identified by other professionals as having additional education and training. This engenders greater confidence and respect from both patients and other professionals. Whether you choose to expand your scope of practice or focus in an area of specialty, the value of the services you provide will enhanced both your private practice or a clinical organization.