Having consulted with authors, experts, and the pillars of wisdom and excellence in the field of psychotherapy, we have developed and clarified a pathway to certification and credentialing, for those invested in their professional development in psychotherapy. This was done by establishing a theoretical standard of education, differentiating clinicians, rewarding competence and achievements, and the credentialing of those who achieve various levels of competence. We feel that through such acknowledgement, we could encourage professionals to develop their skills, stay abreast of the most recent research, attend to their own self-care and personal growth, and thus grow a thriving and effective practice.


Over the last forty years we have seen substantial growth in the need for psychotherapy in our culture. With this came an ever-increasing number of different organizations, identified in diverse ways, as providing counseling, psychoeducational material, and psychotherapy. With this diversity came a variety of degree programs with a variety of theoretical orientations in approaching psychotherapy, diagnosis, treatment and patient care.

What resulted was misidentification and confusion, particularly among those we needed to serve, about the differences in mental health services and what best would serve them. Many professional organizations became more redundant, competitive, and “turf guarding” as did many of the emerging “schools” of psychotherapy. The identity of psychotherapy suffered, as did the quality of the psychotherapeutic product itself become more diffused and diluted rather than diverse and integrated.

Our Mission

The mission of the American Board of Psychotherapy is to help create and maintain the professional identity and high standard of psychotherapy, while encouraging and rewarding those who have reach levels of expertise through their commitment to personal growth and professional development.

Our Vision 

At its’ core, the psychotherapeutic community had a rich heritage and vibrant enthusiasm that helped this community endure. At the heart of this was the satisfaction that “doing what works” will always cause the “cream to come to the top” as indeed it did. The enduring principals of our heritage began to be revealed and regarded as our profession began to take on new life and a new shape.

To that end, organizations like the American College of Psychotherapy, its faculty, and approved providers, bring integrity, new clarity and direction. The clear intention was that through high quality, cost-effective education and the ethical constraints of testing, licensure and certifications, identity of psychotherapy could be reestablished in a manner more clearly defined and more competently delivered.

It is the intention of the American Board of Psychotherapy to acknowledge those who have “raised the bar” in professional excellence and ethical practice. We further support the inclusivity, as a diverse and multidisciplinary organization, that encourages academic excellence, while defining and rewarding areas and levels of expertise.

Our Commitment is to:


our diverse, multidisciplinary community and initiate dialogue that facilitates the integration of the latest research, education, and evidence-based modalities of treatment, into a consolidated understanding of best practices for those seeking our services.


and protect the professional identity of psychotherapist by establishing appropriate standards of education, qualifications, and testing, thus identifying those best equipped to provide psychotherapeutic services.


the education and training of psychotherapist through high quality, convenient, and cost-effective post graduate education and identify the organizations committed to raising the standard of education, training, and skill development, while integrating the latest research and best modalities of treatment.


the specialties of expertise among those committed to excellence, efficacy, and ethics in psychotherapy and mental health treatment.


and acknowledge those who pursue excellence through education and training, as well as those who have made significant contributions to the field of psychotherapy and mental health treatment.


and encourage, those clinicians committed to personal and professional growth by providing measures to assess strengths or weaknesses, and facilitate choices of course work needed to enhance development.

About Our Board

Certification Review Board

In keeping with an effort to elevate the standard of professional excellence, we have been fortunate to have on our Certification Review Board, many prominent practitioners in the areas of counseling, psychology, psychiatry, psychotherapy, chemical dependency counseling, behavioral medicine, psychopharmacology, integrative medicine, and neuroscience. They bring a wealth of valuable knowledge, experience, and wisdom that continues to be extremely helpful to those seeking to become American Board Certified Psychotherapist. In keeping with our Vision of diversity, the Board Members reflect a wide range of experience, orientations and approaches. Each is highly respected and have made substantial contributions to our field.

Ted Liberty, PhD.
LPC, President