Board Certification


ABCP – American Board  Certified Psychotherapist

American Board Certification in Psychotherapy is offered to the following professionals:

Psychiatrists                                              Physicians’ Assistants

Physicians                                                  Marriage and Family Therapists

Psychologists                                            Credentialed Professional Art Therapists

Professional Counselors                         Credentialed Addiction Specialist

Social Workers                                          Clergy (having completed CPE supervision)

Nurses (RN or APRN)                               Pastoral Counselors (having completed supervision)

Nurse Practitioners                                 Chaplains (having completed supervision)


What is Board Certification

 The American Board of Psychotherapy has put together a rigorous and rich

program for those who want to excel in the field of psychotherapy. Having finished the required number of units in courses approved by the American College of Psychotherapy, you can apply to be Boarded in Psychotherapy, by the American Board of Psychotherapy. It acknowledges and rewards you for participating in a wide range of training in psychotherapy and identifies you as being highly trained, skilled and most competent in your field of study. You may choose the general Board Certification, that of Fellow,  Diplomate, or certification in a specific area as a Specialist.

Whether completing the required hours for American Board Certified Psychotherapist or having completed work in your “Specialty”, following each, you will be tested and Certified, based on the path of professional development you have chosen.