The requirements for the distinction of “Specialist” are to have completed<

  1. To have completed 65 hours, beyond Diplomate Status, in the area of the specialty sought.
  2. These CEU hours may be completed at any time after becoming Board Certified in Psychotherapy.
  3. These hours must be acquired from a provider listed of the Approved Provider List of the American College of Psychotherapy. (If there are hardships, considerations will be given.)
  4. During this period you must remain a member in good standing with the American College of Psychotherapy
  5. Following the completion of these hours, you will be required to pay a testing fee of $ 150.00 for a test over the material related to your specialty. Again, a reading list to prepare you for the test will be provided.
  6. You may have four attempts annually to successfully complete your test for Board Certification. Should your application be rejected or you fail to successfully complete the test, we will refund your testing fee less$ 50.00 for scoring and handling.
  7. Having successfully completed the test, you may purchase a certificate of Specialty, in your area, for an administrative fee and the cost of the certificate. ( $ 75.00 )

Documentation Required

  • Copy of earned degrees
  • Copy of License
  • Copy of Letters of Recommendation
  • Copy of Professional Insurance
  • Documentation verifying attendance at approved CEU events you attended