Our Mission

The mission of the American Board of Psychotherapy is to help create and maintain the professional identity and high standard of psychotherapy, while encouraging and rewarding those who have reach levels of expertise through their commitment to personal growth and professional development.

Our Vision 

At its’ core, the psychotherapeutic community had a rich heritage and vibrant enthusiasm that helped this community endure. At the heart of this was the satisfaction that “doing what works” will always cause the “cream to come to the top” as indeed it did. The enduring principals of our heritage began to be revealed and regarded as our profession began to take on new life and a new shape.

To that end, organizations like The American College of Psychotherapy, its’ faculty, and approved providers, bring integrity, new clarity and direction. The clear intention was that through high quality, cost-effective education and the ethical constraints of testing, licensure and certifications, identity of psychotherapy could be reestablished in a manner more clearly defined and more competently delivered.

It is the intention of the American Board of Psychotherapy to acknowledge those who have “raised the bar” in professional excellence and ethical practice. We further support the inclusivity, as a diverse and multidisciplinary organization, that encourages academic excellence, while defining and rewarding areas and levels of expertise.